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Buying property in the north of Cyprus is illegal



If you are planning to buy property in the north of Cyprus, then please think again.

  • The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that any property transactions undertaken by the authorities in the north are considered illegal under international law.

  • 92 percent of the legitimate title-deed holders of the north continue to be the Greek Cypriot refugees who were forcibly removed in 1974. Accordingly, it is highly likely that the property you will be asked to buy is constructed on Greek Cypriot land.

  • Under any potential settlement the right to property will be retained by the legitimate owners (Greek Cypriot refugees) as confirmed by the United Nations and as such any illegal purchases will be nullified.

"…you should seek legal advice and be certain that the person from whom you are purchasing the property is the legal owner with pre-1974 provenance. This is necessary to prevent the possibility of losing your property in the event of a solution to the Cyprus property question."
British High Commission, Cyprus



We urge you not to engage in any property transaction which will be illegal and will result in you losing your money.


Any such illegal purchase of Greek Cypriot owned property in the north of Cyprus would make you a supporter of ethnic cleansing in Cyprus.



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